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Eve's Incredible Journey

24 December
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I am happy, sad, thoughtful, careless, carefree, careful, nice, evil... (Evil Eve), funny, boring, intelligent, and then really quite dumb, loving girlfriend, grumpy girlfriend, good housemate, slack housemate, hardworking, lazy, organised, 乱七八糟,and in general have a fairly average range of human emotions- I have never experienced Nirvana, but neither have I contemplated suicide.

I live in a share house. We have many rosters. We love Excell and will make more rosters.

I want to travel the world, around and around and around and around :). Next Stop Spain.

I like Chinese, they're cute and they're cuddly and they're ready to please

I like to think of myself as a mathematician, except when I'm around real maths nerds I pale in comparison. I still like maths, and am studying both Pure and Applied.

I like winning, My worst character trait is that I don't like losing. I am working on this.

I love Doppelkopf- a German card game. If you like cards you definitly need to learn this wierd and wonderful game.

I read the Sydney Morning Herald, and the letters. I find the current political climate of my country depressing, I find my own actions futile, but the only thing I do is complain about it! I admire my student activist friends who maintain they're anger with such energy, and complain even more loudly than I do!

I love cafe's, and their romantic, trendy, ambience. I LOVE coffee. I like cafe suburbs where the life blood of the people is pumped full of caffeine and it all seems so social and nice and...European / Hippy/ Cosmopolitan.

I feel guilty walking past homeless people, but only stop to give change half the time.

I like to be healthy and fit, and am teased in my house for eating vegetables.