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I have been to see more movies this month than I have in ages. I saw Paris Je'T aime, Crossing Borders and Tales form Earthsea. All subtitled movies, from the French, Spanish and Japanese respectively.

It made me think about what relocating countries and immigrating is like (in it a Spanish family move to Swizterland for economic reasons and then move back to Spain 10 yrs or so later), and how much of a "bond" you have with your home country.
 Alex thought that the family should go back to Switzerland as both the son and the father seemed happier there, and it was mainly the mother who had these nostalgic feelings for her home country. He thought it was cruel to uproot the son and take him back to a place with a much lower standard of living. So I guess that raises questions about how much people are willing to compromise standard of living with a culture to which they belong, and maybe helps to understand why migrant groups clump together in suburbs. I think that if they can recreate something of what they miss from their homelands this is good, like in Ashfield, a Chinese person would not feel like Austalia was too foreign.

From my personal experiences in China, it is always comforting to have some western elements available if you want them. So while I didn't go to the Carrefour very much, if I wanted to it was nice to go and buy cheese or magnums. There was nowhere in China where you felt like you could be in Australia, but to have some things available to you made you more likely to be able to stay longer. (I am a bit anti going to another country and then just eating/ doing whatever you would at home, but if you stay for longer it is different...).

But the woman in the film could not speak German hardly at all, and was not willing to sacrifice her own culture to improve the family's standard of living, they moved back to a small grotty Madrid apartment after a beautiful

Tales from Earthsea was my first real Anime experience, before I have only watched snippets and have always felt I didn't know what was going on since I never watched from the beginning.
It was a beautiful film, although the story was nothing brilliant, it was enjoyable to watch. The characters were not very developed, and I don't think it stuck very closely to the books.  There was something about it that didn't seem complete, like it was just a story, superficially told...I had a nice Monday night out watching it anyway.... I think I would like to watch some of the others from Gihbli studios which apparently are better.

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