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The valient explorer sets out to prove herself as a scholar of humanities....But Alas she is bombarded with obstacles....Can she overcome them?

So I am going to China next year...and now I am thinking seriously about being a full on China person of some sort...whatever that means...I am trying to write an essay about Dream of the Red Chamber at the moment...greatest book in chinese language, apparently, although my reading experience is limited, I think it's a really good set of books, so much depth and very masterfully put together...but I wouldn't be able to make sweeping statements about it.  My reading expereince will be less limited as I plough through the four books I bought from Kinukunia last week. :), and a few from the library like Jin Ping Mei, should also read Romance of the Three Kingdoms and then I've covered the four classics of premodern stuff.

Back to concentrating on literary criticism...
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